Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Come to Paradis, a place so beautiful, so peaceful, you can hear the truth ... if you want to.

Hidden from the outside world by a vast swamp and ridge of gray rock, a group of Detroit River French got down on one knee and took an Oath of Fealty to the man who led them out of British rule at Detroit. Thankful for their new home they called it Paradis, or Heaven. And on that day in 1766, they vowed loyalty to Anton Gauchere and his heirs, pronounced him Lord of Paradis, and swore to keep  their settlement "forever isolated, peaceful and French."

For six generations they thrived in Paradis. In its beauty and quiet they became vividly alive, drawing the joy of life from their marriages, their many children, their Catholic faith, and the strength of their Seigneur, the Lord of Paradise. 

The Last Lord of Paradise is a series of six books. As in any real life family saga each generation builds on the one before it. So here is Generation One, Jeanne and Anton. Enjoy.