Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My home thermometer, the one tucked under my warm kitchen window, reads four degrees as I enjoy my morning coffee. The Dossin Great Lakes Museum webcam shows ice flows on the Detroit River. I don't see any ships, though the Boat Nerds map reveals some local tugs, along with US and Canadian Coast Guard boats. One freighter, the Arthur M. Anderson, now on Lake Erie near Toledo Ohio, claims their destination as "home sweet home" and who can blame them. I wouldn't want to be outside today. 

But in spite of the cold life goes on along the Detroit River. Freighters plow through the ice sheets forming on the Lakes, trucks are crossing the Ambassador Bridge, steel mills and factories spew smoke into the blue skies over Detroit, and the towers of the GM building shine in the morning sun. 

It's that midwestern work ethic I guess. :)


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